Roller blinds


The many configuration options and choice in functional and decorative fabrics make it possible to find the ideal roller blind for every situation. Our collection of roller blinds includes a wide range of various fabric types. From translucent to black-out and from basic to luxurious. In addition to basic screen fabrics in timeless colors, our collection includes high-quality decorative varieties with their own feel.

Screen fabrics are the perfect solution for controlling light and heat. While black-out fabrics are ideal for room darkening and privacy.

Many of the fabrics are flame retardant and proven safe for people and nature, including ranges with solar protective coatings to improve solar performance. These are complimented by an extensive range of quality flame retardant and black-out fabrics.

Available in both light-weight and heavy-duty systems our Roller blinds are suitable for the majority of domestic and commercial applications. The Standard Roller Blind is manufactured using a 32mm diameter aluminium tube. For larger Roller blinds or when using heavier fabric we recommend the system 38 or the heavy-duty system 45, this can lift up to 6kg (13.2lb).

The anti-crash device, a great improvement on clutch systems, uses a spiral wound spring that locks the blind into position as soon as the control chain is released.

Koper roller system engineered to precise perfection, offering the balance between design, engineering and quality. Technology, insight and knowledge is used to innovate, refine and push the boundaries to produce a collection of 32mm, 38mm and 45mm roller clutches. The Koper roller systems offers outstanding performance, combined with a sophisticated design concept.